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2022/02/25 Norway
  1. Satan – Det E Du
  2. Faen Ta, Amerika
  3. Døde Øyne
  4. Ti
  5. Elefanten i Rommet
  6. Ulver
  7. De Uenige
  8. Tider
  9. Plan A
  10. Boomerang
Album number 10, and back to rock! "TI" was recorded at Ocean Sound Recordings in Giske in September of 2021, with Roar Nilsen as producer.
In addition to the digital and CD versions, the album is released in two different vinyl variants: a limited white one with a fancy bronze cover and a black and white one.
The first single "Satan - det e du" was released on December 8, 2021.


2021/01/29 Norway
  1. Hadde eg bare visst
  2. Én av en million
  3. Bak Låste Dører
  4. 10/10
  5. SOS
  6. Rosa løgner
  7. En skjebne som slår
  8. For en evighet
  9. Anonyme hatere
  10. Voodoo
In 2020, Skambankt planned to go into the studio and record another rock album. Just a week before, they put those plans on hold and decided to go for a more pandemic-friendly album instead, which would work for a sitting audience as well. The cover photo, taken by Morten Tellefsen, was selected from the entries in a photo competition.
The first single "SOS" was released on October 16, 2020, the second single "Hadde eg bare visst" followed on December 9, and on January 8, Skambankt released "10/10" as the last pre-release single.


2019/11/14 Norway
  1. Når eg sover
  2. Gribben
  3. Horisonten brenner
  4. Sånne som deg
  5. Slukk Meg (For Eg Brenner)
  6. Balladen om deg
  7. O Dessverre
  8. Fritt Fall
  9. Vår Bør
  10. Levende legende
  11. I dette huset
  12. Født på ny
Skambankt unplugged! To mark their 25-year anniversary as band, Skambankt made an unplugged album with 11 well-known and one new song. The album was recorded at Color Sound Recordings, with Roar Nilsen as producer.


2019/04/30 Norway
  1. Skumring
  2. Liden
Another 7'' single - but this time, containing cover songs! Skumring was first released in 1972 by Finn Kalvik, and the lyrics are a poem by Inger Hagerup. Liden is originally by the band Ingenting.

For en evighet

2019/02/15 Norway
  1. For en evighet
  2. Om nettene
Skambankt stroke again while the guitars were hot - and surprised everyone with a new single, release digitally and as 7'', just before going out on tour in the spring of 2019.
The songs were recorded at an old church at the former mental hospital in Dale (Sandnes).

Skambankt - Rockefeller 09.03.2018

2018/08/24 Norway
  1. I dette huset
  2. Voodoo
  3. Slukk Meg (For Eg Brenner)
  4. Horisonten brenner
  5. O Dessverre
  6. Vår Bør
  7. Levende legende
  8. Balladen om deg
  9. Stormkast #1
Skambankt's first live album was recorded at Rockefeller in Oslo in March 2018, and mixed and mastered in the band's own studio, Bore Gardsrockeri. The album contains nine of the songs that were played at the concert. The first single, O dessverre, was released on June 29, 2018.

Horisonten brenner

2018/02/09 Norway
2018/04/06 Denmark
  1. I dette huset
  2. Når imperiet faller
  3. Protest dommer
  4. Fremmed i en fremmed verden
  5. Horisonten brenner
  6. Kommer snart hjem
  7. Levende legende
  8. Stein for stein
  9. Gribben
The album was produced by Janove Ottesen. In addition to the CD and digital version, three different vinyl versions are available: in black, yellow, and strictly limited in orange. The first single, "Fremmed i en fremmed verden", was released in November 2017, followed by the title track as second single in January 2018.

Fremmed i en fremmed verden

  1. Fremmed i en fremmed verden
  2. Balladen om deg
The first single of the album "Horisonten brenner" marked the first time Skambankt released a 7''-single in black and yellow vinyl. The b-side "Balladen om deg" was released only on the single, not on the album.

Ingen enkel vei ut

  1. Ingen enkel vei ut
Originally, the plan was to record a few demos - but then this song worked so well that Skambankt decided to release it right away. First it was given away to some fans through a competition on the band's Facebook site, but a few days later, it was released as digital single.


2014/01/27 Norway
  1. Anonyme hatere
  2. Som en sirene
  3. Voodoo
  4. Sort blod
  5. Gamle spøkelser
  6. Våre folk
  7. Sånne som deg
  8. Ulv, ulv
  9. Nemesis
  10. Kald, kald natt
Skambankt's fifth album "Sirene" was recorded at Propeller Studios with Kåre Vestrheim as producer. The album is "mature, dark, and heavy, and at the same time more catchy and ambitious than before".


2013/11/11 Norway
  1. Voodoo
To get this vinyl single, fans had to deliver an old plastic guitar to a music store, which was then melted and turned into a vinyl record.

Tuba-årene 2004-2009

2010/11/08 Norway
  1. Skambankt
  2. Skamania
  3. Eliksir
  4. Hardt Regn
This vinyl box contains all records that Skambankt released on the Tuba Records label Dog Job. Except for Hardt Regn, none of these albums have been released as vinyl before. There are 500 copies of the box set; all contain a signed and numbered card and a code to download the MP3 version of the songs. The Skamania EP contains three previously unreleased bonus tracks, namely "Reservatet", "MTV", and "De røyge hasj, men det gjer me vel faen i".


2010/09/06 Norway
2010/09/06 Denmark
  1. Kaos, så inferno
  2. Jesus av vår tid
  3. Mantra
  4. Amnesti
  5. En lang strek
  6. Nattergal
  7. Født på ny
  8. Berlin
  9. Kvelertak!
  10. Retrett
Skambankt's fourth album is the first album to be released with Sony Music. It was recorded in February 2010 at Athletic Sound in Halden, and mixed by Jørgen Træen in Bergen. The working title "Åndelig terror" ("Spiritual Terror") stemmed from a quote by a senior citizen when she was presented with a sample of Skambankt's music... The final title, however, was chosen because the album was recorded mostly late at night, because this is the time when new ideas develop. The first single "Mantra" was released on May 17.

Hardt regn

26/01/2009 Norway
26/01/2009 Denmark
  1. Vår Bør
  2. Kom Hell
  3. Løgnprofitør
  4. Det Tar Tid
  5. O Dessverre
  6. Feil
  7. Trygge Rammer
  8. Slukk Meg (For Eg Brenner)
  9. Malin
  10. Når Du Ber Din Nød
  11. Tanker Som Mareritt
The third album Hardt regn, released on January 26, 2009, was recorded at Bekk Studio in Jæren. In contrast to the previous records, Skambankt did everything themselves - with Tollak Friestad on the levers and Terje Winterstø Røthing listed as the producer. The drums were partly recorded in a church to make them sound pompeous and heavy, and this is the first album where Skambankt experimenced a bit with other instruments, like timbals and brass. The first single Malin was released in October 2008, and in January 2009, Skambankt published a video for the song "O Dessverre".


29/01/2007 Norway
29/01/2007 Denmark
  1. Intro
  2. Nok et offer
  3. Dynasti
  4. Stormkast #1
  5. Tyster
  6. Ordets Gud
  7. Min Eliksir
  8. Siste Stikk
  9. Fritt Fall
  10. Angst
  11. Idyllillusjonen
  12. Bak Låste Dører
The second Skambankt album Eliksir was released early in 2007. It contains 11 tracks (plus intro) that have been recorded in May and September 2006. The recordings took place at Propeller Studios, with Mike Hartung on the controls. The first radio single Tyster was released Nov. 22, followed by a video to the song Dynasti and a live video for Stormkast #1.


13/06/2005 Norway
27/06/2005 Denmark
  7. Me sa nei! (Video)
  8. KKK! (Video)
An EP containing 6 new songs (or not new - "Demoattakk" was the first demo released before the album came out) and the two videos to the radio singles of the album. The EP has also been released in Norway and Denmark and is available via


10/2004 Norway
12/2004 Denmark
  1. Skambankt!
  2. Me sa nei!
  3. Desertør!
  4. Revolusjonens aggregat!
  5. Panzersjokk!
  6. Alarm!
  7. KKK! (Kristelig KulturKaos)!
  8. Våre fiender!
  9. Kapitalens spel!
  10. Systemets makt!
  11. Poltistat!
The first record, until now only released in Norway (by Tuba Records) and Denmark (by Kick Music). Seems there are no plans to release this album in Germany also, but you can get it via The record contains some songs that came up during the band's first practice, but also other songs, that were written only recently.


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