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7/4/2009: Norwegian, Danish, whatever...

Skambankt hooked up with Johan Olsen from the Danish band Magtens Korridorer to record a new version of "O Dessverre", exclusively for Denmark! Read the translation of the news here (but beware, I don't really understand a word of Danish...). You can listen to the song on or download it from iTunes.

6/4/2009: Happy Easter!

Check out the translation of Skambankt's latest news bit here. And as they say, the tour list for the summer is filling up, so keep checking the dates or the tour map!

23/3/2009: Beans!

Uh... whatever. =;-)

22/3/2009: Vote for Skambankt!

Skambankt's song Malin has been nominated for the Danish radio charts - and you can vote to get it in! You can find the information here. In Denmark, you can vote via SMS, otherwise you can send in an e-mail. Choose five songs from this list and send them to until Tuesday, 1:00 pm. Don't forget to include your name and address, or your vote won't count.

17/3/2009: Go North!

Skambankt are on their way up north now and looking forward - read the translation of their MySpace-blog. So if you live up there in the dark and cold =;-), don't miss you chance for a great concert experience! Rumors have it that there are still some tickets available...

And two more links: Drammens Tidende published a very positive concert review about last week's concert. And you can vote for both Skambankt guitar players as Rogaland's best guitar player! But think wisely, you can only vote once... (at a time, that is... *uhem*)