15/08/2012: Det tar tid...

Just a tiny little news bit to show that this site is still alive!
And unfortunately, it starts off with some bad news: The Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät concert at Tou Scene in Stavanger is being postponed, which means that Skambankt most likely won't be able to play as support band. Too bad, but we do have something to look forward to, as the traditional Christmas concert will definitely take place! There are plans for some big changes to make the Christmas concert even better - stay tuned for more information!
In the meantime, Skambankt will go into the studio for a week in September to record some demos for the new album. The current plan is to record the album in September 2013, so that it will be out in early 2014. And since Skambankt are highly motivated to get started again and have lots of song sketches already, we can expect the best-ever Skambankt album - at least that's what they say, and we're glad to hear that! We might even get some photos and goodies and documentaries from the process. Still a while to go until 2014, but we definitely got something to look forward to!

28/03/2012: It's aLIVE!

Yep! Even though we were all expecting to not get to hear or see anything of Skambankt this year, we'll have a chance to see them live at least once! Namely at Tou Scene on September 19, as support for Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, a Finnish punk band.
Still a while until then, but well, we're waiting patiently! A new album is still planned for 2014, by the way.