06/12/2011: New record 2014!

Less than two weeks before their annual Christmas concert in Kleppe, Skambankt talked to Stavanger Aftenblad about their current plans. You can read the translation of the article here. The short summary: The next album is in the making, but probably it won't be out until 2014. It will be harder than Søvnløs, but there's still a lot to do until it is released. We're looking forward!

And in case you're in the area December 17: There's still enough tickets for the kids concert and a few tickets for the "real" concert left!

12/09/2011: Still alive!

Hardly any Skambankt news this year, as was to be expected. But today Skambankt actually sent a greeting and posted a picture on Facebook - from the studio! Yep, they are currently working on new songs!
In addition, they announced that also in 2011, they will play their traditional Christmas concert at The Only One in Klepp. Just like last year, the date will be December 17.

08/05/2011: Looking back - and ahead!

Skambankt are currently taking a well-deserved break, so there haven't been any updates here lately. However, here's a little treat now to help you pass the time until Skambankt are finally back!

On the last tour, I got to do an interview with the band - about Søvnløs, the tour, the current plans, and of course the future. Check out the interview here; either the original version in Norwegian or the English translation. Thanke a lot to Lena for huge help with the Norwegian part of the interview. Enjoy!

Rumors have it that Skambankt are already working on new songs by now... so even though we'll have a long time of waiting ahead of us, we know that they are not finished yet. So let's look forward to album number five!