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17/1/2009: Translations and support!

Here's the translation of the album review from Norsk på norsk.
Also, I uploaded the lyrics and translation of Vår Bør, and if you scroll down you will also find those parts of Trygge Rammer and Slukk Meg (For Eg Brenner) that were played on the radio. If you spot any errors in the lyrics or translations, please let me know!
Skambankt have revealed some support acts for their upcoming tour. Kvelertak will join them in Bergen, Haugesund, Grimstad, Kristiansand, Oslo, Hamar, and Drammen, and in Stavanger, Svenssen will warm up for Skambankt.

17/1/2009: Review - and songs!

Skambankt pointed out (translation) that "Hardt Regn" was reviewed on NRK's Norsk på norsk. The review is very positive - the only criticism is that the production is maybe a bit weak, which is a common problem if a band also produces its own album. Apart from that, we can expect catchy riffs, the same power and pressure that the band exhibits live and a sound that reminds a bit of classic rock like Aerosmith and AC/DC. You can listen to the podcast of the program here; the Skambankt review starts after about 36:30 minutes.
And apart from the album review, you can also hear some new songs in the podcast! Namely the full opening song "Vår Bør" and the beginning of both "Trygge Rammer" and "Slukk Meg (For Eg Brenner)". So check it out!

Update: Thanks to Fredric D., here's the transcript of the review! I'll try to put up a translation soon.

16/1/2009: Oh sorry!

You can now watch the video for "O Dessverre" online on - check it out!
And here is the corresponding newspaper article, I'll put up a translation tonight.

Update: Here's the translation of the article from VG Nett. Aftenbladet posted a similar article, where (amongst other things) Ted Winters reveals that most probably, this will be the only video for "Hardt Regn". (Let me know if you want a complete translation of the article!)
Also on, there will be a question time with Skambankt the upcoming Thursday, January 22. You can send in your questions for Skambankt now already!

14/1/2009: Another concert!

Skambankt will go up to Tromsø again this year - they will play at Driv March 18.
For all tour dates, check the tour list or the tour map.

8/1/2009: Kom Hell!

And yet another song on the radio! Again on NRK's Sexy. Check out "Kom Hell" in the podcast, after about 38:30 min. Lyrics and translation are online already!
Thanks to Lena and Ingegjerd for letting me know, and thanks a lot to Lena for helping with the lyrics!

Update: Kick Music reported today that the album will be out in Denmark on January 26 as well. Also, they published a preview of Hardt Regn, where they amongst other things reveal that Janove Ottesen, Geir Zahl and Christer Knutsen contributed to the album. Here's the translation of the article.