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31/1/2009: Kids concert!

Additionally to the "normal" concert at Hulen next week, Skambankt will play a Kids concert in the early evening.
Skambankt started their tour in Denmark, you can check out a first concert review here (in Danish). Again, I won't post news here for every review - please check the link section - also for interviews, by the way. And feel free to send in additional links!
Tomorrow is the last day for the competition, so if you haven't taken part yet, get going!

26/1/2009: Hardt Regn!

Today's the big day, and Skambankt's new album "Hardt Regn" is out in the stores! So go out and buy it, and if you don't live in Norway, is the place to go! Alternatively, you can bug your local record dealer - links to the distributers of the Skambankt records are listed here.
The LP is available at, for example, and they ship to other countries as well (and they also offer the CD, if you want to save postage).

You can find all the lyrics of "Hardt Regn" here, and of course, the translations are online as well! Please let me know if you spot any errors.
I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to Lena for her help with the lyrics and the translation, and also to Andrea for checking the English version! =:-)

Of course I looked forward to the album a lot, so if you care about what I think about it, here is my review.
And speaking of reviews: There will probably be lots of reviews in the next days. I will not put them all in the news here, but I will collect them here. If you find reviews that are not listed there, please send them in (there's a form at the bottom of the page). And if you want to have some translated, let me know!

And now: Enjoy "Hardt Regn"!

25/1/2009: Articles!

I just uploaded two translations: Here you can read the translation of NRK's interview with Skambankt, and here is a (rough) translation of what Jærbladet wrote. Seems the author didn't like them. =:-/
The album will be out tomorrow, so check back tomorrow for the lyrics and translations!

22/1/2009: Support Skambankt!

The album is about to come out - time for a competition! You can find all the infos here. Good luck!

Today, Skambankt appeared on NRK Rogaland. I didn't find a recording of the radio show they attended, but you can see them on local TV here. (Here is the direct link to the video.) There wasn't really any new info worth reporting here though. =;-)
Additionally, Skambankt answered questions online at Aftenbladet.

And don't forget that you can listen to the complete album on Skambankt's MySpace site already!

21/1/2009: Win tickets for the release party!

As mentioned in yesterday's news, there will be a release party at Cementen in Stavanger - for invited guests only. But you can also win tickets! All you have to do to enter the competition is send in the name of the director of Skambankt's new video to the e-mail address linked in the article.

Update: You can now listen to the whole album on Skambankt's MySpace site! Enjoy!
The lyrics and translations for all the songs will be online here after the album comes out - hopefully already on Monday.