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Here is a translation of official news that were published by Skambankt on, MySpace, or Facebook, as well as articles published by Norwegian and Danish media. The orginal texts have been published online. If you have an article you don't understand and want a translation up here, please give me a hint.

2009/02/17 by:Larm 09

Four years after the scandalous and legendary concert at by:Larm -05, Skambankt line up for another round.
From the snow chaos in Stavanger, Tollak says:
- The concert at Hall Toll is one of the strongest memories that I have of our career, and maybe one of the best gigs we played. In any case it is the most aggressive! But this time, we plan to play the full half hour that we have, and we know that by:Larm will have some professional people this time.
And that sounds like the recipe for success!

Skambankt will play at Sentrum Scene on Friday, 11:30 pm.
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Skambankt and Kvelertak find out that they get to play at by:Larm

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