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17/3/2009: Go North!

Skambankt are on their way up north now and looking forward - read the translation of their MySpace-blog. So if you live up there in the dark and cold =;-), don't miss you chance for a great concert experience! Rumors have it that there are still some tickets available...

And two more links: Drammens Tidende published a very positive concert review about last week's concert. And you can vote for both Skambankt guitar players as Rogaland's best guitar player! But think wisely, you can only vote once... (at a time, that is... *uhem*)

15/3/2009: On the road again...

The concert weekend is over, I'm back home again, and here's my reports and pictures:Thanks to everybody for a great tour, it was big fun! =:-)

And by the way, as I was asked about why there is no RSS feed on this site: There is! Just go to News -> RSS, directly subscribe (in Opera) by clicking the little feed-icon in the address bar, or copy this link into your favorite feed reader to not miss any updates again!

4/3/2009: Help!

A new episode of Help, we are on tour is online! And of course a short news bit about it, on Myspace.

28/2/2009: Video?

According to this article, Skambankt filmed yesterday's concert in Trondheim in order to make a video out of it. Let's see if that will work out!
For other news, I got a short report from the concert in Lillestrøm. Here's the setlist: Vår Bør, Skambankt, Løgnprofitør, Me Sa Nei, Tyster, Desertør, Trygge Rammer, Malin, Dynasti, Tanker som mareritt, O Dessverre, Stormkast #1, encore KKK and Alarm. So it seems they stopped ending the concerts with Tanker som mareritt and put Malin back into the set.

26/2/2009: Blogs and tour date!

Skambankt published new blog entries on both (translation) and MySpace (translation), and they announced another tour date up north, in Leknes in Lofoten.