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19/2/2009: Roskilde!

Skambankt will play at Roskilde festival again this year!

Update: And also at Jærnåttå! For further updates, check the tour list or the tour map.

17/2/2009: by:Larm!

The concert at by:Larm is coming up, and it seems that Skambankt are looking forward...

Update 18/2/2009:
You can watch an interview with Terje about by:larm on tonight's Lydverket. The interview starts after about 14 minutes.

10/2/2009: Concerts!

News from The concert in Bergen was great (O RLY? =;-)), and Skambankt will play at Norway Rock Festival. A date that has actually been added to the tour list here yesterday already, but well... =;-)
If you want an LP or CD of Hardt Regn but don't want to buy it, check out this competition. Send in three words explaining why you are a worthy winner and state whether you would like the LP or CD. Good luck!

9/2/2009: Reports!

I made it back home, and you can check out the reports from Bergen and Haugesund now! I also took some (bad) pictures, here they are: Bergen, Haugesund.
In other news, Skambankt's website is up again! has been relaunched. It still looks a bit improvised (and again, there is no link to this fansite *grr* =;-)), but let's see how it will turn out. Read the translation of the first blog resp. news entry here.

7/2/2009: Bergen

The report from Bergen is online already. Pictures will follow in a few days, I guess.