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24/10/2009: Skambankt on Twitter!

This fansite has been on Twitter for a while, and now the band is getting started there as well. So, to get all the news, follow skambankt (the band) and skambankt_kj (! And, according to Twitter, Skambankt are currently in the studio recording new songs - yeah!

26/10/2009: Live live live!

Grab the very last chance to see Skambankt live this year! I can confirm that Skambankt are really worth a visit - check out my report and pictures from Moss and the report from Sarpsborg!
This week, Skambankt will play in Bergen, Ålesund, and Florø. And that will be all for this year! After that, it's time to relax a bit and get started with the new album, which is planned for early fall 2010 - we are looking forward! And who knows, maybe we'll get a little taste of the new material at some summer festivals next year already?
Apart from the "official" concerts, Skambankt played a few school concerts lately. If you got to see one of those, drop me a line, so that I can add them to the concert list. Or if you even want to write a report, you're very welcome! =;-)
And if you didn't have the chance to see a Skambankt concert, just watch the gig that Skambankt played at Youngstorget a week ago. You can see the whole show here.

15/10/2009: CARE!

Skambankt will play at Youngstorget in Oslo this Saturday, 2009/10/17! The free concert will be part of P3 aksjonen, which is a campaing to raise money for the humanitarian organization CARE. So if you go by, donate some penger, if you can't make it, wish for a song and donate money this way! You can also buy some really special stuff. And in any case you should check out Skambankt's concert on Saturday, 9 p.m. Most probably, this will also be broadcast on NRK P3 (and their web radio), so don't miss out on this!

4/10/2009: Last chance!

Back from Bergen! Here's my report from the concert at Garage - it was sold out, and there will be an additional concert at Garage October 29.
If you haven't managed to catch a Skambankt concert lately, make sure to see them during the next weeks - there's still some concerts up to the end of October (check out all known dates here), and after that, Skambankt will be busy working on their new album. And you really shouldn't miss out on the concerts! =:-D

20/9/2009: New songs!

OK, not REALLY new songs, but new songs on the setlist! For the fall tour, Skambankt kept their promise and rehearsed some new songs. If you want to, take a peek at the setlist from the Rockefeller concert! And then check out the upcoming concerts and get your ticket. =;-)
But the setlist wasn't the only highlight at the concert in Oslo: During KKK, Prepple from Dum Dum Boys came on stage to sing his part!