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9/2/2009: Reports!

I made it back home, and you can check out the reports from Bergen and Haugesund now! I also took some (bad) pictures, here they are: Bergen, Haugesund.
In other news, Skambankt's website is up again! has been relaunched. It still looks a bit improvised (and again, there is no link to this fansite *grr* =;-)), but let's see how it will turn out. Read the translation of the first blog resp. news entry here.

7/2/2009: Bergen

The report from Bergen is online already. Pictures will follow in a few days, I guess.

5/2/2009: Tour!

Skambankt announced a bunch of new tour dates - check them out on or here on the tour list or the tour map.
And the tour will start tomorrow in Bergen! Check back for a report... might take a few days though. I'll try to be quick. =;-)
And as last good news: "Hardt Regn" entered the VG-list (the Norwegian charts) at position 5. Congrats!

2/2/2009: Competition & competition!

Skambankt posted a new blog post (translation) today, announcing a big "drum intro competition" on NRK P3's show Sexy. Here you can find some more information, and if you don't listen to the show live (for example on the net radio), you can download the podcasts afterwards. The contest will end on Friday, when Skambankt will most likely be in the studio to choose the winner.

And the winners for the Hardt Regn competition have been chosen already. Thanks a lot to everybody who participated! Unfortunately, there can only be three winners, and they are... *drum roll*
  • Camilla winning a t-shirt
  • Einar winning a t-shirt
  • Jez winning a CD

31/1/2009: Kids concert!

Additionally to the "normal" concert at Hulen next week, Skambankt will play a Kids concert in the early evening.
Skambankt started their tour in Denmark, you can check out a first concert review here (in Danish). Again, I won't post news here for every review - please check the link section - also for interviews, by the way. And feel free to send in additional links!
Tomorrow is the last day for the competition, so if you haven't taken part yet, get going!