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21/8/2009: Up north!

Skambankt played two concerts in Tromsø last week - thanks to Lena, you can already read the reports and check out the photos. Enjoy!
Currently, the first dates for concerts in the fall are coming in. Oslo (Sep. 18) and Stavanger (Oct. 10) are confirmed on the websites of the venues already, an unconfirmed date is Haugesund (Oct. 9). If you hear of other concert dates, let me know! And follow skambankt_kj on twitter so that you don't miss any news!

2/8/2009: Photos!

The photos from Månefestivalen are online now!
As it seems, there will be some more Skambankt concerts in the fall. Up to now, only the concert at Rockefeller in Oslo is confirmed, but there will be more! So let's wait for all the dates...

23/7/2009: Another tour?

Skambankt have been announced to play at Rockefeller in Oslo again in September - who knows, maybe that means that they'll play another tour in fall? (Not that they wouldn't be touring constantly, that is... =;-)) Let's wait and see!

18/7/2009: Summer festivals

Check out this year's first report of a Skambankt festival gig here, from Slottsfjellfestivalen. And there's also some photos (which I hope are okay, hard to see on the netbook... *g*).

6/7/2009: Stay up-to-date!

Do you want to keep up with all the news about Skambankt? Then you need to track quite a lot of different pages - this one here of course,, MySpace, Facebook... quite a hassle! This site here has an RSS feed which makes it easier to catch all updates, but: Not all updates are posted there. I don't send out updates for small things like new festival dates or newspaper links. But here's the solution: Follow on Twitter! And you'll never ever miss any news about Skambankt anymore... =;-)