18/12/2016: Holy jul!

For the first time ever, I made it down to Bryne for "O Jul med din Vrede" - and it won't be the last time. =:-D Read my report of the concert here!

21/9/2016: O jul med din vrede!

We all know that the Christmas stuff is out in the stores earlier and earlier every year - and now Skambankt start announcing their Christmas concert in late summer already?! Or well, Christmas festival is probably the better term ... five bands this year, and on top of the bill are Skambankt (of course) and Cloroform. So what are your plans for December 17? =;-) Get your tickets at skambankt.com!

24/7/2016: Fjellparken!

Still no real news about Skambankt - as expected, they are taking things slowly this year and are only playing a few shows here and there. Like at Fjellparkfestivalen yesterday - check out the report! If you have a chance to go to any of the upcoming shows: don't you dare miss it!!

20/3/2016: Skambankt!

Yesterday, Skambankt played "Skambankt" at John Dee in Oslo - and it was awesome!