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23/7/2009: Another tour?

Skambankt have been announced to play at Rockefeller in Oslo again in September - who knows, maybe that means that they'll play another tour in fall? (Not that they wouldn't be touring constantly, that is... =;-)) Let's wait and see!

18/7/2009: Summer festivals

Check out this year's first report of a Skambankt festival gig here, from Slottsfjellfestivalen. And there's also some photos (which I hope are okay, hard to see on the netbook... *g*).

6/7/2009: Stay up-to-date!

Do you want to keep up with all the news about Skambankt? Then you need to track quite a lot of different pages - this one here of course,, MySpace, Facebook... quite a hassle! This site here has an RSS feed which makes it easier to catch all updates, but: Not all updates are posted there. I don't send out updates for small things like new festival dates or newspaper links. But here's the solution: Follow on Twitter! And you'll never ever miss any news about Skambankt anymore... =;-)

30/6/2009: Top of the pops!

The Topp20 show in Stavanger will be broadcast live tomorrow (Wednesday), both on NRK P3 (radio, the broadcast will start at 6:30 pm) and on VGTV (probably here).

28/6/2009: Summer is here!

And with the summer, it's time for lots of festivals! Skambankt are ready - read the translation of their latest news bit.
You can check out the list of tour dates here or on the tour map - I try to keep those up to date, even though it is a bit difficult because Skambankt tend to not announce their concerts sometimes. =;-) For example, they'll play for free at the Topp20 show in Stavanger this Wednesday, so pack your earplugs and come by!