Here is a rough summary of Skambankt's history:
  • When another band cancels their concert at Klepp Rockeklubb, Terje Winterstø, Tollak Friestad, and Hans Egil Løe decide to fill in. They write, practice, and perform nine songs in the course of only a few hours. Skambankt is founded.
  • In the same year and early in 1995, there are a few more Skambankt gigs.
  • Afterwards, the project "Skambankt" is put on hold.
  • The Skambankt members meet at a stag-party where there is a stage with full backline. Some time after midnight, a decision is made that the band should be revived.
  • Early in 2004, Skambankt are elected as "Ukas urørt" by NRK Urørt, a Norwegian radio showcase for unsigned talent. Their demo song is "Demoattakk", later to be released on the "Skamania" EP.
  • After Hans Egil Løe hands his drum sticks over to Tom Skalle and Bollå is rebranded Don Fist, the band is ready to record their first album at Mansion Studio in Stavanger.
  • Even before the album is out, Skambankt set out on their first tour. In summer, they play at Øya festival in Oslo.
  • To promote the album, Skambankt give away the promo single "Me sa nei" for free at record stores in Norway.
  • The self-titled album "Skambankt" is released on October 11.
  • Skambankt shoot a video for the song "KKK!". The song features Prepple Houmb from Dum Dum Boys as guest vocalist.
  • Following the album release, Skambankt play concerts in Norway and Denmark.
  • In February, Skambankt play at by:Larm festival in Stavanger.
  • In spring, they play another tour in Norway, followed by several festival concert, with a gig at Roskilde festival in front of 20000 people as highlight.
  • On June 13, Skambankt release the EP "Skamania", which contains six songs and the videos for the two songs "Me sa nei!" and "KKK!". Skambankt also release a video for the song "Skamania".
  • In November, Skambankt play a concert in Berlin, Germany. A few days before that concert, Tom Skalle leaves the band and is replaced by Børge Henriksen.
  • In spring, Skambankt play a few concerts in Denmark and Norway. These are the only concerts of the year except for one gig at Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger in October.
  • In April, Skambankt join MySpace.
  • In May and in September, they record their second album at Propeller Studios in Oslo.
  • The radio single "Tyster" is released on November 22.
  • Skambankt's second album "Eliksir" is released on January 29.
  • The album is promoted with a video for the song "Dynasti". Later in the year, in June, a live video for the song "Stormkast #1" is released.
  • Following the album release, Skambankt set out on an extensive tour in Norway and Denmark (where they accidentally end up in the center of the uproar about Ungdomshuset), followed by lots of summer festivals and another tour in the fall, before they conclude the year with three Christmas concerts in Rogaland.
  • 2008 is a quiet year for Skambankt. They play only one concert in Stavanger.
  • In September, Skambankt record their third album at Bekk Studio in Jæren.
  • In October, the radio single "Malin" is released.
  • Skambankt create their own Facebook site.
  • As a teaser for the album, the video for the song "O Dessverre", directed by Stian Kristiansen, comes out early in January.
  • On January 26, Skambankt's third album "Hardt Regn" is released.
  • Right after the album release, Skambankt set out on tour. In Denmark, they play several concerts as support act for the Danish band D-A-D.
  • In May, they release a live video for the song "Kom Hell", filmed at the previous concert in Trondheim.
  • On June 15, Skambankt warm up for AC/DC at their concert in Oslo.
  • Skambankt keep on touring for the rest of the year: Lots of festival gigs in summer (including a show at Roskilde festival again), then another tour in fall, school concerts, and a Christmas concert in Kleppe.
  • Big news in September: Skambankt are signed by Sony Music!
  • In October, Skambankt take the last step into the Web 2.0 world and get started on Twitter.
  • At the beginning of the year, Skambankt record their fourth album at Athletic Sound in Halden.
  • In March, Skambankt are nominated for Spellemannsprisen, but it goes to John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen instead.
  • "Mantra", the first single for Skambankt's fourth album (working title "Åndelig terror"), is released on May 17.
  • In summer, Skambankt play lots of festival shows again.
  • In September, Skambankt release their fourth album "Søvnløs", followed by an extensive club tour that is concluded with their Christmas concerts in Klepp and Sandnes.
  • In November, Tuba Records releases "Tuba-årene 2004 - 2009", a box containing vinyl versions of the three LPs and one EP that were released on Tuba.
  • Skambankt are taking a break - they are recording some demos and play their annual Christmas concert in Klepp, but that's all.
  • Skambankt are still on hiatus - except for their Christmas concert, which this year takes place in Bryne and turns into a kind of "mini festival".
  • Throughout the year, Skambankt work on demos.
  • In September, they record their new album at Propeller studios in Oslo.
  • The first single, "Voodoo", is released on November 11, accompanied not only by its own brand of beer, but also a marketing stunt where fans can exchange old plastic guitars for a vinyl single. The guitars are disassembled and melted in, so every vinyl record is different.
  • On January 27, the new album "Sirene" is released and - for the first time in Skambankt's career - goes right to the top of the Norwegian album charts.
  • Starting February 7, Skambankt go out on tour through all of Norway and some cities in Denmark.
  • After the tour, Skambankt go into the studio to try out some new song ideas. Things work out so well that they release a single, "Ingen enkel vei ut".
  • Just in time for the summer, Skambankt create and brew another beer; lighter than "Voodoo", and, of course, called "Sirene".
  • After the summer festivals, Skambankt set out for another tour in the fall, before they conclude the year with the traditional Christmas festival in Bryne.
  • Skambankt start the year without any clear plans - but set out on an extensive tour to Denmark in March, together with Honningbarna.
  • The summer is busy as well, with festivals all over Norway. The most special festival gig is probably the one at Ranglerock, where they travel back in time and play the full Skambankt album.
  • And then there is a chili eating contest ...
  • As always, the Skambankt year ends with their traditional "O jul med din vrede" Christmas festival.
  • 2016 is a very quiet year for Skambankt - just a few concerts throughout the year. But they take us back in time once more at one of those concerts and play the full Skambankt album!
  • Skambankt use their free time to build up their studio and, of course, start working on new material. They perform the first new song, "Horisonten brenner", at their annual Christmas festival in Bryne.
  • Another quiet year with even fewer concerts than in 2016 - but with a lot more work on new music!
  • In October, Skambankt announce that their new album "Horisonten brenner", produced by Janove Ottesen, is planned for early 2018.
  • This year is the first one in a while without a Christmas festival.
  • On February 9, Skambankt release their new album "Horisonten brenner", and as always, they follow up with an extensive tour.
  • Summer is busy with a lot of festivals.
  • In August, Skambankt release a live album recorded at the Oslo concert in March - and of course, the release is followed by another tour in the fall.
  • And "O jul med din vrede" is back in December!
  • 2019 starts out with a few singles that are in a slightly "calmer" style, kinda predicting what is soon to come: "For en evighet" and "Skumring".
  • On June 8, Skambankt play at Viking Stadion in Stavanger, supporting Bon Jovi.
  • In the fall, Skambankt play their first ever "Unplugged" tour. The corresponding album "1994" is released on November 14, and the first single off the album is "Balladen om deg".
  • 2020 starts just like 2019 finished: with another unplugged single ("Når eg sover") and plans for an unplugged tour in the spring.
  • And then ... there's Covid. The tour is rescheduled for the fall.
  • Skambankt go into the studio to record their next rock album - but just before they start, they change plans and decide to go for a more "pandemic-friendly" album instead.
  • On January 29, Skambankt release "Jærtegn", an album that is somewhere between "unplugged" and "rock" and meant to work live in front of a sitting audience as well.
  • They plan a tour for early spring, but most concerts end up being moved out a bit - a lot of uncertainty, but a lot of the shows happen at some point in time!
  • Towards the end of the year, things slow down a bit ... or at least that's how it seems. Actually, Skambankt go back into the studio to record their next rock album.
  • On February 22, Skambankt release "TI", their tenth album. Back to the rock!
  • They plan to go on tour in March to celebrate the release - but as for all bands, ticket sales are slow, and they need to postpone the tour to the fall.
  • Since Skambankt suddenly have a lot of time on their hands, and a bus booked to go on tour that they now don't need, they decide to use that bus to go down to Poland and help some Ukrainian refugees make their way to Norway. Awesome!
  • In May, Skambankt announce that the upcoming tour will be their last and they will call it quits.
  • They play a last round of summer festivals, followed by a very successful tour.
  • The very last concert happens on November 4th with a "Grand Finale" at DNB Arena in Stavanger.