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2009/7/17: Skambankt, Slottsfjellfestival


Skambankt are busy playing festivals, and I’m gonna miss out on that? No way! The decision for Slottsfjell festival was easy: It’s right next to Oslo-Torp, where the cheap RyanAir flights go… =;-) And then, Kaizer Orchestra were announced for another festival the week after, so that made a great vacation. Two birds with one stone! Or actually three birds, ’cause just after I had booked the vacation, Skambankt were announced for the second festival as well! But more about that next week, now it’s time for Slottsfjell!

A very nice festival, I gotta say! Pretty big (for Norway), but a very nice (and hilly *sigh*) area, very relaxed, and great bands of course. The highlights of the second day were – just as expected – Art Brut, Skambankt, and Turboneger. The lowlight was – also as expected – Soulfly. The last three minutes of their gig were sufficient to convince me that I didn’t miss out on anything there. =;-)

Skambankt played up on the hill, on a fairly small stage, but with room for lots of people (Lydverket wrote 4000) in front of the stage. And the atmosphere was great. As I was in the front, I have no clue how it looked like in the back – but my guess would be that most people were standing instead of sitting, which didn’t happen very often. =;-)

The concert started rather negative though, with Skambankt coming on 15 minutes too late. I couldn’t figure out why – they seemed to be ready, the stage looked ready, and if the stage wasn’t ready, they should have organized that differently. I mean, they had a whole hour to get it ready… Anyway, then they finally came on, and the crowd went crazy! There was a little letdown after the first two songs because Panzer had problems with his guitar, but that was resolved quickly. And all in all, the concert was very tight, energetic and powerful!

So there’s not much to report – we had to count up to 27 in Me sa nei, Slottsfjell is one of the nicest festivals in Norway (agreed!), and a girl from Sandefjord knew how to count to four.

Here’s the setlist: Vår Bør, Skambankt, Løgnprofitør, Me sa nei, Dynasti, Malin, Alarm, Desertør, Tyster, O Dessverre, Thoughts from a Nightmare (copying from the setlist here *g*), Stormkast #11 (sounded pretty much like #1 to me *g*).

Way too short, but a fantastic concert! And right after, everybody hurried down to the other stage, where Turboneger played. Who also did a short but great show. Seems like a pattern… =;-)

Looking forward to next weekend!


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