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2009/2/6: Skambankt, Bergen


New album, new tour! =:-) And right back to the old routines… I mean, I’m kind of used to things going wrong whenever I go to Norway to see Skambankt. This time it was that my flight to Norway was delayed for more than three hours – and of course it was with a different airline than the connecting flight, which I clearly couldn’t catch. Honestly, I already expected to spend my weekend in Oslo instead of going to Bergen and Haugesund… but then it did work out alright in the end, Norwegian airlines are the best, and I arrived in Bergen two hours later than expected. But hey – I made it! =:-)

And I was just in time for the kids concert – I had pondered long about whether I wanted to see it or not, and in the end I decided that I can’t miss out on a Skambankt ooncert when I’m already in town, no matter how boring it might turn out. =;-) And it turned out that I was right – both about the “boring” part and about the “I wouldn’t want to miss it anyway” part. *g*

But I’m getting ahead here. Because after arriving at Hulen, I first had to find Andrea and Rina, who had actually travelled from the US to see the Skambankt show… and I thought I was crazy. =;-) Turned out it wasn’t that hard to spot them, because… well, there was hardly more than a handful of other people, and no, it didn’t really fill up before Skambankt come on. =:-/

I hadn’t seen a kids concert before, but it was pretty much as I had expected – of course I would have THOUGHT that the kids should go crazy and scream and squeek and be really wild, judging from the way that “real” concerts normally are in Norway and how kids normally act. But naah, it was more the “ok, now they are playing a concert for us, let’s see what they will do” kind of mood, thus everybody standing there, staring at the stage and not making a sound…

Actually not even making a sound after Skambankt finished the first song. Or when they asked everybody to scream “Skambankt”. Or when they asked who knew the current album. Or the last album. “Hmm, so I guess all songs are equally new to you…” *lol*

Yep, so it was a pretty quiet concert, but hard work for the band, probably. =;-) But it was nice for a start, to be able to concentrate on the songs and see what they play and how they play it and so on. Skambankt went off after only fourty minutes or so already, and no encores. Not that anybody would have demanded them either… *rolleyes*

Here’s the setlist for the kids concert: Vår Bør, Skambankt, Løgnprofitør, Me sa nei, O Dessverre, Nok et offer, Feil, Desertør, Dynasti, Tanker Som Mareritt.

Then it was time for dinner, and right back to Hulen for the real concert! And this was completely different, of course. It started with Kvelertak – I was kinda “afraid” of them before, because their MySpace site didn’t make me want to listen to any more of that, honestly… But it turned out they were absolutely okay. At least as long as you ignored the singer. =;-)

And then Skambankt came on, and the crowd went crazy! And I mean, completely nuts. I know why I had picked a spot at the side and not in the center… smart choice. =;-) But it was just great, I can’t really report much about the concert, except that both band and audience were moving from the first second and raising the roof. Impressive.

OK, during the first song Vår Bør, right after the quiet beginning when the song was supposed to really start, Terje’s guitar failed, so that they had to stop and start over when it worked again. But that didn’t do any harm – really strange. Especially at the very beginning of the show, I would think that it ruins the atmosphere, and that it should also irritate the band. But no… Terje just told something about first show of the tour, and of course nothing works out there, and then they just came in again right were they had left off.

For some reason, they changed the selist a LOT during the show, and interestingly, I only noticed one change. Blind understanding? Or just shortsightedness (and thus inability to read the list correctly *g*)? Who knows. I’ll put up a photo of the written setlist, but this is what I think they played: Vår Bør, Skambankt, Løgnprofitør, Me sa nei, Feil, Alarm, Nok et offer, O Dessverre, Tyster, Dynasti, Tanker Som Mareritt, Stormkast #1, encore KKK! and Panzersjokk.

In Me sa nei, we had to count up to 60. For whatever reason. =;-) But the audience played along nicely and did as asked. Tyster wasn’t on the setlist at all, but instead they had Malin on – which they didn’t play. Fine with me, but surprising. And they actually planned to play Tanker Som Mareritt as last “regular” song, as they did at the kids concert. And I think that is a nice song to end with, but then, it was the song where Børge could take a little break, so it doesn’t hurt to end with a song that gets the atmosphere cooking again.

And talking about cooking – as I said, the audience was crazy. Not sure how it looked from the back, but in the front it was pretty impressive. And pretty “pressing”, in the center, so that the barrier actually broke. But nobody really cared about it. =;-) And the bucket of water that was actually meant for handing out water to the audience ended up as a shower for the people behind the guy who grabbed it. Luckily I was in safe distance… and got showered in beer instead, hmm. *g*

So, great show, wild audience, let’s see whether Haugesund can keep up with this tonight… doubt it, honestly, but we’ll see. =;-)


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Pfft, no one cared that the barrier broke lol I was...a tad concerned.
Andrea (09/02/07)

Crazy perhaps, but I like to call it dedication haha. I had a fantastic time at the show and it was really awesome to meet you :)

I’ll send you some of the pics I took when I get home on Wednesday
Rina (09/02/08)