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2007/3/22: Things you never wanted to know...

Did you ever wonder who of the Skambankt crew got what kind of license? No? Well, they tell you anyway. Read the translation here.
If that is not enough, you can watch this clip and find out exactly what Mr. Frontman does right before going on stage. If you don't understand Norwegian, consider yourself lucky. =;-)

2007/3/21: Better late than never!

Took some time, but now the reports and pictures of the concerts in Drammen and Oslo are online! Enjoy, and comment if you like. =:-)
Apart from that, some new links, some support bands, and a new concert date. The news on will have to wait another day, I fear...

2007/3/18: Taking Rockefeller!

Yesterday evening, Skambankt played a great concert at Rockefeller - which was not quite sold out, but filled very well. The day before, a tough gig in front of a crowd of madmen in Drammen. Check back for reports and pictures!
The concert in Fredrikstad on April 27 is confirmed by now. Skambankt will be supported by Blacksmith Bondage there.

2007/3/9: Her blir det opprør

The translation of the latest news on is online - Poltistat Denmark...
Additionally, I added some new links with concert pictures of the concerts in Kvinedal and Ishøj. And soon, Eliksir will be available in Poland as well! will carry it from end of March. "KAIZERS ORCHESTRA'S AXEMAN GOES TO BED W/MOTORHEAD"... uh, okay. =;-)
If you haven't checked out the winners of the "Promote Skambankt!"-competition yet, you should definitely do so! And if you are a winner and haven't sent me your address yet, you should do that, as my chrystal ball is currently broken... =;-)

2007/3/6: Photos and WINNERS!

You guys worked hard to promote Skambankt over the last weeks, and finally, it pays off! Hopefully for Skambankt as well, but in any case for you... =;-) Click here to check out the winners and what they did to promote Skambankt! Thanks for all your entries, and congrats to the winners!
And as promised, the photos of the Copenhagen concert are online now! Along with the reports from Aalborg, Århus and Copenhagen and the pictures from Aalborg and Århus.