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Band history

2007/1/18: Styrkerock!

You can read an article/interview about the new album Eliskir here. Read the translation here!
And don't forget to vote. =;-)

2007/1/14: Vote for Skambankt!

You like the name Skambankt? Then support your favorite band by giving a vote here.

2007/1/14: Support press releases!

Two small updates: I added the support bands to the tour list. Only two bands are known up to now, but I guess there's gonna be more!
Number two: I put the translation of a current press release online, not much new in there, but you can read it here.
Oh, and by the way - in case you wonder why there's always so little news here: remember clicking on "more news" or "more updates" to get the complete list. =;-)

2007/1/11: New date

There's a new concert date for Trondheim. Skambankt will play at Blæst March 15 - check the tour list and map for all the dates.
There's not much info about support bands yet. For the two gigs in Aalborg and Århus, the Swedish band Marvel will warm up for Skambankt.

2007/1/8: Releaseparty!

The album release party will take place at Café Mono in Oslo on Monday, January 29, the day the album comes out. There's only few tickets for this show, so if you want to be there, be quick!
There were some changes to the tour list: The concert in Harstad is cancelled, and the one in Trondheim will probably be moved to another date.
According to this article, the video for the song Dynasti will be out well before the album release, so it should be on TV fairly soon.
The first reviews of the album are out. Check the link section for new articles. You can find translations of some of the reviews here.