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2007/1/5: To spam or not to spam!

I took some effort to finally get the guestbook spam-free - let's see how long it's gonna last this time until the bots figure out how it works... *sigh* Well, you'll have to type a word now whenever you make an entry. Try it out and give me some feedback, it doesn't hurt! =;-)
Also, a new category, Articles. Fairly empty up to now, but it'll contain translations of articles published online. Guess it'll fill up pretty quickly in the next weeks...

2007/1/2: Helgaaaaa!

Keep on checking the tour dates and the map, the tour isn't complete yet. Seems Skambankt will play at The Rock in Copenhagen on March 3!
Also, the summer festivals start announcing their first names now - Skambankt will play at Helgåfestivalen in Jæren in June.