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Here is a translation of official news that were published by Skambankt on, MySpace, or Facebook, as well as articles published by Norwegian and Danish media. The orginal texts have been published online. If you have an article you don't understand and want a translation up here, please give me a hint.

2007/01/31 Great reception of "Eliksir"!

Skambankt's second album, "Eliksir", has been out for two days. On the whole, it won only praise and stores already sent in reorders. This prophesizes break-through, but there has also been some harsh criticism... asks Edgar, our eminent webmaster and mentor, what he thinks about the feedback up to now?

- I think the feedback so long has been much better than expected. There's almost only praise to get there. I learned that adversity is what makes you better, and I believe that this sudden positivity can easily go to the heads of the guys. It's important to remember that this is only the beginning, and there is still a long way to go.

Aren't you a bit negative now. After all, Skambankt have released a record and an EP before, and things didn't get going just by themselves?

- No, I don't think I am. I think there should have been more reviews in the style of the one that was printed in VG.

You mean the one that devastated the album and gave it a 2?

- Yes, this Thomas Talseth understood. He's a good man, and in general I agree with his reviews. You can't do anything but respect a man with such a strong musical knowledge and background.

What knowledge and background do you mean?

- He dares to speak when others remain quiet. Bertine should have waited until she gave birth. You saw how it went. I'm a strong supporter of freedom of speech, and I think it was high time for VG to get a journalist that slants his reviews in the direction of Spirit. They speak right out and don't hesitate. A review should be as subjective as possible.

That's all we got out of Edgar this time. Here is an overview of what other reviewers thought:

Some Norwegian:
  • 5/6 Dagbladet
  • 5/6 Aftenposten
  • 5/6 Stavanger Aftenblad
  • 5/6 Rogalands Avis
  • 5/6 FHM
  • 5/6 Side2
  • 5/6 BA
Dagens Nærignsliv (no rating, but very positive review): "Skambankt has choruses and monster-build-ups that can tear down most festival tents. They have enough energy to move the band bus on their own."

And some Danish:
  • 5/6 Herning Folkeblad (DK)
  • 5/6 Fyns Stiftstibende (DK)
  • 7/10
  • 4,5/6

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