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Band history

2007/12/24: Over and out

The Christmas tour is over - you can find the link to a review and some articles in the link section. And that's it for the year - next year, Skambankt will take a break from touring and make their new album instead.

2007/12/17: Win!

You can win tickets for the concert in Bryne here!

2007/12/4: Christmas tour!

Before the big live break in 2008, Skambankt will do another (local) tour at the end of the year, just before Christmas. Check out the dates and places here!
Also, they put another episode of the tour diary online. =;-)

2007/11/28: Gimme more!

Another concert has been announced: Skambankt will be playing in Flekkefjord Dec.19. And there's rumors about more concerts around Christmas - so stay tuned!

2007/11/11: Still not done...

Still more concerts coming up for Skambankt - check out the dates here, and read the translation of the latest here!

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