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2007/3/31: The tour is over, time for some concerts!

Some news on, read the translation translation here.
And there's two more festival dates - unconfirmed until now, but pretty reliable, I would say. Skambankt will play at Sprellfestivalen in Ås (close to Oslo) in April, and at Skiippagurrafestivalen in Tana (up in the north - REALLY up in the north, actually *g*) at the end of June.
Last but not least, a nice article in Rogalands Avis, check out the link section.

2007/3/24: On and on...

The tour is over, but still there's new dates coming in. According to, Skambankt will be playing at Sentrum Rock in Stavanger next FridaySaturday. And the festival booking isn't closed either, looks like there will be even more dates!
As by now, there are just too many dates to fit on one single map, I cleaned up the tour map a bit so you can look at the single tours or only at the upcoming concerts.
Next thing happening on this site will be an update of the FAQ, which is fairly out of date at the moment - so if you have a general question or something you see asked over and over again, please send it in!

2007/3/22: Things you never wanted to know...

Did you ever wonder who of the Skambankt crew got what kind of license? No? Well, they tell you anyway. Read the translation here.
If that is not enough, you can watch this clip and find out exactly what Mr. Frontman does right before going on stage. If you don't understand Norwegian, consider yourself lucky. =;-)

2007/3/21: Better late than never!

Took some time, but now the reports and pictures of the concerts in Drammen and Oslo are online! Enjoy, and comment if you like. =:-)
Apart from that, some new links, some support bands, and a new concert date. The news on will have to wait another day, I fear...

2007/3/18: Taking Rockefeller!

Yesterday evening, Skambankt played a great concert at Rockefeller - which was not quite sold out, but filled very well. The day before, a tough gig in front of a crowd of madmen in Drammen. Check back for reports and pictures!
The concert in Fredrikstad on April 27 is confirmed by now. Skambankt will be supported by Blacksmith Bondage there.