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Band history

2007/10/9: Skambanktize your desktop!

The first round of the competition "Skambanktize your desktop!" is over! Thanks a lot to the participants - and congratulations! I haven't received too many entries, so that means that everybody who sent something in wins. Pretty cool, right? =:-)
So now, if you regret you didn't take part: There's still a few prizes left. So the competition is not closed yet. If you want to take part, do so - I'm looking forward to receive your entries! If they are good, they will be put up here on the site for download - and you will win a prize. So it's still worth taking part.

Nothing new from Skambankt except for a few links with concert pictures and reviews. This weekend, they will play in Oslo, together with The Grand, and it will be a great concert for sure, so don't miss it!

2007/10/6: Back on tour!

The last round of Skambankt concerts this year started yesterday at Folken, Stavanger. After playing in Oslo and the very north this month, Skambankt will take a break from touring and concentrate on recording their next album, which is planned for release early in 2009.
Read the translation of an interview with Skambankt, where they talk a bit about their next plans. Or watch another interview here!

The Skambanktize your desktop!-competition is still running. Last day to send in is tomorrow - so get going!

Finally, the changes to the site are complete now and (almost) all categories are filled. Still eager for feedback! =;-)

2007/9/23: Ooops...

Well, actually I only wanted to put a new competition online. And change a few things that annoyed me about the site. But you know, when you first get started... =;-)
Hope you like the new layout! Please give me some feedback. And if you find errors or something, please drop me a line!
And yes, I DID actually put the new competition online. Check it out here - and take part!

2007/8/28: The tour is over, let's go on tour!

Skambankt announced some more tour dates, check them out here and on the tour map. Also, a short newsbit, translated here.

2007/8/26: Back to school!

Concerts, concerts, concerts... Skambankt don't get sick of playing live. Last Thursday, they played a (more or less) secret gig in Bryne for the freshmen of the two high schools in Bryne, according to Jærbladet.