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Band history

2007/2/19: Tour start!

Last weekend, Skambankt played at Folken in Stavanger and Hulen in Bergen, and it was a complete success! Sold-out at Folken - asserts that they couldn't have wished for a better tour start. Read the translation here. You can find a few pictures of the two concerts on, for example the cheerleaders on stage during Dynasti and the Skambankt cake before the concert in Bergen. More pictures are available from Stavanger Aftenblad, and (if you know Norwegian *g*) you can read a report about the concert here. Maybe I'll also translate that, let's see (read: BEG)... =;-) You can also watch a very short interview about the tour start here.
For all the Danish fans, there is a special treat: You can win a private concert with Skambankt! It will take place the day before the concert in Aalborg, thus Feb. 28. More information about this on Good luck!

2007/2/18: Promotion, hell yeah!

The "Promote Skambankt!"-competition is closed now. Thanks a lot for all the great stuff you sent in! The winners will be announced as soon as possible, and I will also put up the best promotion activities here in a while. There really was a lot of funny stuff, and some people worked really hard - thanks to everybody who participated!

2007/2/15: More concerts?

Goldstar lists a Skambankt concert in Fredrikstad April 27 - not sure if that's true, I couldn't find a confirmation anywhere, let's wait and see.
The tour will start tomorrow in Stavanger - if you go to one of the concerts and want to have your review published here, that would be great! Just drop me a line.
The support band for the concert in Copenhagen will be President Fetch.
And last but not least: The competition will end Saturday, Feb. 17. So send in your contributions!

2007/2/13: Pimp my Rosie!

Skambankt have pimped up their band car and elaborated about it on - read the translation here.
The tour is about to start - so check your local TV, radio and newspapers, Skambankt might suddenly turn up there!
By the way, there will be a support band at the Drammen concert after all: dOMi will warm up for Skambankt.
And last but not least some good news for the German fans: Eliksir will be available in Germany, it will be distributed by Soulfood. The only drawback is that it's not clear yet WHEN the album is gonna be available. So for now, you will have to stick to iTunes or

2007/2/11: OK, so what are they singing?!?

The translations of the new lyrics are finally online! Check them out here. Thanks so much to Linn, Lena and especially Anne for all the help! That was really great, tusen takk! Still, if someone spots an error in the translation, please tell me.
The competition goes into the last week now - time to finish up your activities and send them in! And the setlist vote is still open.