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Band history

2007/7/18: Kvinesdal

Linn wrote a report about the Skambankt concert at Kvindesdal Rock Festival, you can read it here. Also, check out the photos here. Thanks a lot for the report and pictures!
Apart from that, a few links to more festival pics.

2007/7/2: Muddy summer

Not many updates here at the moment, but there isn't that much news... Skambankt opened the festival season this weekend, playing in the very North, West and South of Norway. The first reports are coming in, check them out in the link section.

2007/6/24: Stormkast!

Last Friday, a new Skambankt video had its premiere on TV. The live video is for the song Stormkast. You can watch it here, and it will also be up on shortly.
Also last Friday, the Skambankt concert at the Danish radio station P3 was broadcast. You can download the recording of the concert here.

2007/6/22: Skamcast! just confirmed the rumors: The concert Skambankt recorded at P3 last week will be broadcast today, between 12 and 1 p.m. You can tune in here - or you can wait for the podcast! Yes, the concert will be made available for download at P3 afterwards. Now, that is something...

2007/6/18: Strike breakers!

Well, Skambankt were in Denmark last Friday to play live on P3 - but P3 was on strike...
Fortunately, they recorded the concert nevertheless (you can see some pictures of it here). According to all rumors, the concert will now be broadcast on Friday, June 22nd. So tune in!