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Band history

2007/6/22: Skamcast! just confirmed the rumors: The concert Skambankt recorded at P3 last week will be broadcast today, between 12 and 1 p.m. You can tune in here - or you can wait for the podcast! Yes, the concert will be made available for download at P3 afterwards. Now, that is something...

2007/6/18: Strike breakers!

Well, Skambankt were in Denmark last Friday to play live on P3 - but P3 was on strike...
Fortunately, they recorded the concert nevertheless (you can see some pictures of it here). According to all rumors, the concert will now be broadcast on Friday, June 22nd. So tune in!

2007/6/10: All over Denmark!

As Skambankt already hinted at in their last news bit, they will be on the radio in Denmark on June 14. And not only will they "be on the radio", but they will actually play a 20 min long concert live in the radio studio! All this will happen Thursday, June 14, between 12:00 and 13:00 on P3 in the show DJ Pals. By the way - P3 got a netradio...
And this is not all, but for all people in Copenhagen, Skambankt will play a concert at Stengade 30 on June 13 (as mentioned before), and on June 14 at 5 pm, Skambankt will show up at GUF Musik (Nørrebrogade 51) in Copenhagen to meet their Danish fans!
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2007/6/7: Copenhagen calling!

According to the latest news on (translation here), Skambankt will play a concert in Copenhagen June 13. And the day after, everybody in Denmark will be able to hear them play live... That's all the information so far. Let's wait and see what that means...

2007/5/29: Links and covers!

I just added a bunch of links - check out the Oilers cheerleaders who performed in the Dynasti video, hear an interview from Fredrikstad, and read a report and see some pictures from the concert in Bryne last weekend!
And then I found this on YouTube - check it out!