05/09/2019: On the road again!

Skambankt just announced their Unplugged tour this fall! And rumor has it that they might even bring a new album ... =:-D
Check out the tour dates and don't miss out! Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 9 am!

Unplugged tour

05/07/2019: Skambankt Unplugged!

There have been a few live gigs lately where Skambankt played their songs unplugged. Tonight, they'll do the same at a sold-out concert at Martinique in Stavanger, and tomorrow night, they will play at a festival where you would never ever expect to see a band like Skambankt in the line up: at Egersund Visefestival! =:-o

Now, that is only a one-off, and Skambankt will stick to the rock, right?? Well, according to Stavanger Aftenblad, the answer is no ... and yes! "No" because Skambankt are currently working on an unplugged album containing acoustic versions of existing songs plus at least one new song. They'll record it in September and expect the album to be released some time this fall. "Yes" because there's no need to worry about Skambankt going soft - a "normal" album is already in the works as well, and it will be released after the unplugged album. So we've got not only one, but two albums to look forward to, yay!

Check out the tour dates and make sure you catch a Skambankt concert this summer - plugged or unplugged!

09/06/2019: Etter solskinn kommer regnvær!

It might or might not be summer out there (guess that depends on when exactly you check), but the summer festival season has officially started! This weekend, Skambankt warmed up for Bon Jovi in Stavanger - check out my report!

See the tour dates for information on where else you can see Skambankt this summer. In addition to their "normal" live shows, they have added several unplugged gigs to their list, and I'm sure those will be fun to see. So go and get your tickets!

02/05/2019: Covers!

Skambankt just released a new single! "Skumring" is a cover of a song by Finn Kalvik, based on a poem by Inger Hagerup. Check out the video for the song here:

The B-side is Skambankt's cover of the Ingenting song "Liden" that was featured on TV Vest a while ago.

You can listen to and buy the songs here, and there will also be a 7'' again. Go here for the lyrics and translations - and please let me know if "Small" is the correct translation for "Liden" (or should it be "Done" or something instead?). My Stavangersk isn't as fluent as I thought, apparently. =;-)

The festival summer seems to be mostly confirmed by now - check out the current dates. And especially note the two concerts in Egersund and Tysnes, where Skambankt will cover themselves - unplugged! That sounds like you don't want to miss it, right? =:-D

22/02/2019: Trondheim Rock City!

I might have used this headline before ... But hey, Skambankt just proved it again with another awesome concert in Trondheim! Read my report here. Next week they'll play in Bergen, and then in Hamar on March 16 - don't miss out!

In other news, Skambankt were really quick this time with the music video for "For en evighet"! If you haven't seen it, check it out here (lyrics & translations):

And if that wasn't enough yet, there's more new music! For TV channel TV Vest, Skambankt covered the song "Liden" by Ingenting. You can watch the video here: