10/11/2019: String ballad!

The first single for Skambankt's unplugged album "1994" is "Balladen om deg"! You can listen to it on Spotify, for example. It's also used in the album teaser:

03/11/2019: 1994!

And here we go! Skambankt's unplugged album will be released on November 14!

Uh wait, what?! That was a bit sudden now, but yes: the rumors are true, Skambankt were at Color Sound Recordings to record a new album, leaving out the electric guitars and focusing more on the actual songs and lyrics. The result will be released on November 14 as limited white vinyl, "normal" LP, CD, and digitally. And since this record marks Skambankt's 25-year band anniversary, it will be called 1994! The album contains 11 well-known and one new song called "Når eg sover" - see the full list here. For more information, check All Good Clean Records.

1994 cover tour

In other news: Charlie Rackstead & The Sticklesbergen Ramblers, a Norwegian band covering songs in country style, have recorded a cover version of Horisonten brenner. Check it out here:

And of course, don't forget to get your tickets for the Unplugged tour!

06/10/2019: Plate in the box!

It's not only rumor, but the truth: Skambankt will release an unplugged record! The recordings are done, and the record is planned for November.
Until then, make sure to catch one of their unplugged shows!

05/09/2019: On the road again!

Skambankt just announced their Unplugged tour this fall! And rumor has it that they might even bring a new album ... =:-D
Check out the tour dates and don't miss out! Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 9 am!

Unplugged tour

05/07/2019: Skambankt Unplugged!

There have been a few live gigs lately where Skambankt played their songs unplugged. Tonight, they'll do the same at a sold-out concert at Martinique in Stavanger, and tomorrow night, they will play at a festival where you would never ever expect to see a band like Skambankt in the line up: at Egersund Visefestival! =:-o

Now, that is only a one-off, and Skambankt will stick to the rock, right?? Well, according to Stavanger Aftenblad, the answer is no ... and yes! "No" because Skambankt are currently working on an unplugged album containing acoustic versions of existing songs plus at least one new song. They'll record it in September and expect the album to be released some time this fall. "Yes" because there's no need to worry about Skambankt going soft - a "normal" album is already in the works as well, and it will be released after the unplugged album. So we've got not only one, but two albums to look forward to, yay!

Check out the tour dates and make sure you catch a Skambankt concert this summer - plugged or unplugged!