13/02/2022: Ten times!

... or actually, twelve days! Then Skambankt's new album "TI" will be out in the stores. Yay! \o/

In addition to Satan - det e du, Skambankt have pre-released two more songs from the album: "Ti" and "Tider" - check them out here, or watch the videos below!

Also, if you haven't gotten your tickets for the tour yet, make sure to do so! Skambankt have now announced LÜT as their support band, and let me promise you, you're in for a treat there. Did I say "Yay! \o/" already? =;-)

11/01/2022: Touring time!

Remember the last news bit I posted here, ending with rumors about tour dates being announced very soon? Well, that was before everything went haywire again ... =:-(

But hey, Skambankt decided to keep their spirits up and schedule their tour after all. Yay! Let's cross our fingers, toes, and whatever else we can find and hope that the tour can actually go ahead as planned!

So make sure to check the planned dates and, very importantly, get your tickets and show your support! <3