11/03/2010: Did someone say "summer"?

It's still early in the year, but never too soon to look forward to the summer! Skambankt will kick off their festival season with a gig at Jærnåttå again, just like they did last year. Quite a few festivals will follow until September (some of the dates have been confirmed now). And Skambankt are promising to play some new songs at the festivals! Here's the translation.
If everything goes according to the plan, the new album will be out in late August/early September. Followed by a loooong tour, hopefully! =:-)
And just for the record: Skambankt did not win the Spellemann prize for category Rock. It went to John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen. Well, if you want to call that rock... =;-)

26/01/2010: Spellemann!

Skambankt just posted an update of recent news on skambankt.com - you can read the translation here. The important news are that the fourth album is already in the making, and according to Skambankt's facebook site, it is supposed to be out in late summer, early fall - if everything works out as planned. Let's hope so!
Before that, there will be some festivals in summer - check out the tour dates (they are updated whenever some festival announces Skambankt in the line-up). The festival in Stavanger, Rått og Råde, is currently in the news because the planned festival grounds are close to an apartment block where mostly elderly people live, who are not so fond of loud rock music - and it's not clear whether there has been an official permission for the festival. So let's wait and see if and where the festival will actually take place...
The biggest news at the moment, however, is surely the announcement of the nominations for Spellemannsprisen, the Norwegian grammy. Skambankt have been nominated with Hardt Regn in the category Rock. Congratulations, and good luck!