05/08/2010: Can't get no sleep!

Skambankt just published the tracklist and cover for their new album "Søvnløs" - check it out here or here.
Here's the translation of the titles:
  • Kaos, så inferno - Chaos, then inferno
  • Jesus av vår tid - Jesus of our times
  • Mantra - Mantra
  • Amnesti - Amnesty
  • En lang strek - A long streak
  • Nattergal - Nightingale
  • Født på ny - Born again
  • Berlin - Berlin
  • Kvelertak! - Chokehold!
  • Retrett - Retreat
In other news, more and more tour dates are leaking through, for example Skambankt will play at Rockefeller in Oslo on October 29! None of the dates of the fall tour have been confirmed by the band so far, but some are mentioned on the venues' websites already. Check them out here!

01/07/2010: Sleepless!

So here we go: The new Skambankt album will be called "Søvnløs" ("Sleepless"), and it's planned to be released September 6! Of course it's the best album Skambankt have made up to now, because for the first time, they went right from a tour into the studio, and thus they could contain the feeling from the live gigs and put it into the recordings. Unlike before, they managed to uncover the secret of making rock ballads this time, so "Søvnløs" will actually contain a ballad! You can find more information about the album (in Norwegian - let me know if you want a translation) in the following interviews: Skambankt: - Aldri vært bedre, Skambankt: - Vi har fått til veldig mye.
The first dates for the fall tour are out already: First, there will be a short round in Denmark, and then the Norway tour starts in Bergen on September 30. I don't have any information on how long Skambankt will be touring, but they'll play in Kristiansand October 28, and they are looking for a backline technician for the whole year, so I guess there's gonna be a bit of touring. =;-) Check out the current list of tour dates, updated whenever some new concert is announced.
Apart from that, I have updated the link section with a few links to concert reports and photos, so check them out if you want.

18/05/2010: Manta Manta!

The new Skambankt single "Mantra" has been digitally released yesterday! You can buy it from iTunes, Platekompaniet (if you live in Norway), or Amazon (if you live in Germany), or listen to it on Spotify. Check it out - and here are the lyrics for Mantra!

14/05/2010: Mantra!

Skambankt's new single "Mantra" will be out as digital release on Monday, May 17! Before that, it will be played on the radio today, Friday, at Popsalongen (NRK P3), some time between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. And if you can't wait for that, check out the preview on YouTube! For more info, see the news bit on Facebook (I'll post a translation tonight).
skambankt.com is currently closed down (I guess there'll be a new design for the album again), but you can already see the artwork for the new single.

Update: Here's the translation of the Mantra press release! And you can listen to the song about 10 minutes into this stream - enjoy!

13/04/2010: Mayday!

Today, Skambankt announced that their first single for album number four has been mastered and is ready for the radio! According to Skambankt, it sounds great and will be out in May - can't wait!
By now, a few more festival gigs have been confirmed. Skambankt will start their festival summer at the Russ-Landstreff at Kongeparken on May 7, before they play at Jærnåttå again. And right after that, they will fly up to Svalbard/Spitsbergen for a concert for the polar bears at Spitsbergen Rock... Check out the tour dates and the map for all confirmed gigs up to now!
I did some spring cleaning on the web site, by the way. You shouldn't notice most of it, but I added a more detailed band history and finally filled the download section with a few wallpapers and some WinAmp skins. Enjoy!