28/09/2010: Wrapping up!

Søvnløs has been out for three weeks now - time to make up your mind about how you like it! Here's my own review, check it out if you want to.
If you don't want to decide without knowing what the songs are about... don't worry, I finally finished the translations of the lyrics! Thanks a lot to Lena and Mox for great help there! =:-) Still, if you notice anything that is wrong or sounds weird, just let me know.
Then, to sum up some news that I already posted on Twitter, but it never hurts to mention them here as well: The Skambankt concerts in Denmark last weekend had to be cancelled because Tollak hurt his hand. It is not clear yet whether the concerts will take place lateron this year; Voxhall announced that it wasn't possible to find a new date, so this concert won't happen. Stay tuned for info about the Copenhagen and Horsens concerts. All concerts in Norway will take place as planned - Petter Svee will fill in for Tollak if necessary.
In addition to the Lydverket show where Skambankt performed Mantra, you can now watch more songs of their mini concert that night here. Enjoy!
And finally, some short remarks to some of you who got here via Google: No, there are no Kvelertak lyrics on this site, sorry. "Mjød" is not a Skambankt song, and in turn, "Mantra" is not a Kvelertak song. =;-)

19/09/2010: Lyrics!

Sorry it took so long this time, but now the Søvnløs lyrics are finally up. Translations will follow soon, probably next weekend.
If that is not enough for you to read, don't worry, there's more: Check out Marlene's report from the Lydverket recording! Thanks a lot for sharing that, Marlene! The result is available to watch online here - but well, we all know that Skambankt are even better in real life than on a TV screen. =;-)
In addition, I've added quite a few review links over the last weeks, and I guess there's more to come. Also, Skambankt confirmed a few more tour dates, so don't miss your chance to see them this year!
And last but not least: Congratulations to a well-deserved 2nd place in the Norwegian charts!

07/09/2010: Out!

So Søvnløs is finally out in the stores now! Hope you got your copy already!
Of course there's lots of reviews coming in now - I won't post all of them here or on Twitter, but you can find them under Links/Reviews. The current average is 4.3/6, which is definitely not bad!
Also, there are a few more concert dates and rumors about concert dates - check them out in the tour list.
The #skmbnkt competition is over and the winners have been notified. Congrats! And thanks to everyone who took part, this was really fun to read.

05/09/2010: Tomorrow's the day!

Søvnløs will be released tomorrow - so go out and get your copies! Of course there will also be quite some promo stuff in the next days: On Monday, Skambankt will be at NRK P3 Popsalongen and on VG's Tett på nett.
I didn't manage to get hold of a copy of the album up to now, so you'll have to wait a few days for the lyrics and especially the translations of the lyrics. Sorry for that! But to keep you entertained in the meantime, check out the report from Rått & Råde festival!

30/08/2010: Født på ny!

And here we go: Just in time for the release, skambankt.com is available again - in a great new design! Go and check it out!
skambankt.com has a list of confirmed tour dates now as well, so I've updated the rumors in the tour list. Seems that we got a lot to look forward to!
In addition to the new web site, Skambankt have also launched a free iPhone app containing - and I quote - "the latest Skambankt news, blogs, exclusive videos, tour dates and music". Guess you'll have to do without the latest news here in the future then, and probably also without translations of this content (if Skambankt don't provide translations in the app)... Not only because I don't have (nor want to have) any means of accessing this information, but mostly because I'm not gonna support this way of forcing people to endorse one certain company - which is a very common way for Apple and Apple supporters, however.
No, I'm not gonna call that sellout now, because I doubt there's money involved. But there go the last punk roots... by separating the elite who gets information from the plebs who don't.
Whatever. In other news, NRK P3 Sexy is having Skambankt competitions this week. The first one took place today already, and they also played a new Skambankt song, namely "Kaos, så inferno". You can listen to the recording on Sexy's web site. Let's see if they'll play more new songs this week!
And of course, the Søvnløs competition here on the site is still running, so take part - thanks for all your great entries so far!