2005/8/5: Time out!

The festivals are over, now Mr. Frontman is busy with his "side project" (according to the official Skambankt site). So there's a little break now, no concerts at the moment.
But if you want Skambankt music anyway: Go to the cinema and watch the Norwegian movie "Tommys Inferno". Two Skambankt songs in there!

2005/7/21: In the charts!

According to this article, Skambankt have conquered the Danish single charts! The entered last week on number 10 - congrats! See the hit list here.
You can check out some great photos from Quart festival here.
Another interesting link: You can get Skambankt-T-shirts online via shop.gaffa.dk. Seems they also ship abroad.


Information added about where to get the CDs.

2005/7/20: Skamania!

Watch the video of Skamania on the official site - it's awesome!

2005/7/3: Skamania!

Infos about Skamania added.