2005/12/10: Have you all been bad this year?

Sorry, no updates lately. But there's some to come - didn't get around to do it during the last weeks 'cause I was busy with the Kaizers Christmas calendar. No reason, I know. But just maybe you will accept my apology if you take a peek into the calendar tomorrow, Dec. 11. =;-)

2005/11/16: Report and photos from Berlin!

OK, I just wrote the report and put some pictures online. The light was bad for pictures, so there's not many good ones. But well. "LIVE" will lead you to both the photos and the report.

2005/11/16: Berlin got Skambankt!

The first ever Skambankt-gig in Germany is history! And it was just awesome. With a drummer the band had only known for a day, with an audience that had no idea what to expect - but Skambankt got their way. No question about it!

2005/11/9: On the radio!

Skambankt were actually played on the radio in Germany! I didn't hear it, but you can check out the playlist here. It was on Radio Eins, during a "Scandinavia Special", and I was told they also announced the upcoming concert. Nov. 15 in Berlin, Frannz Club - don't miss it!

2005/11/3: Translations online!

Finally: the first translations! Thanks to Eivind for great help!
The lyrics and translations for the Skamania EP will follow soon.