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2010/12/3: Skambankt, Harstad

Wohooo – what was that?!? I mean, I really thought yesterday’s concert in Tromsø was great. Now, in Harstad, Skambankt managed to top that again – by a whole lot!

We got to Harstad after a loooong drive, met some great people from “back home” and had a nice evening before we got on our way to the venue. Ludo was way different from Driv – while Driv is clearly a concert place, Ludo seems to be more of a bar or café than a venue for concerts. The stage was on one side, with hardly any space in front of it, and very very close to the audience. But it looked like this could be a great stage for Skambankt! Close to the audience means close to the action… =;-)

We found ourselves perfect places in the middle, right in front of the stage – at a little counter where we could actually sit. Yes, sit! And at the same time, be in the middle of everything. And yes, you can actually sit and really really enjoy a concert (and dance and participate and so on, not just “consume” *g*). That was fantastic!

It soon got crowded around us. Skambankt came on, and the audience was absolutely enthusiastic right from the start! The setlist was similar to the one in Tromsø: Intro, Mantra, Skambankt, Slukk meg, Amnesti, Dynasti, Vår bør, Løgnprofitør, Malin, Født på ny, Kaos så inferno, Me sa nei, Tyster, Stormkast #1, encores Bak låste dører and Min eliksir.

“Skambankt” was the song for everybody at the concert who hadn’t realized what band they were seeing. Well, didn’t seem like that were too many… Terje was certain right away: “This is the best concert of our tour here in Northern Norway! And believe me: It will get even better!”

And yes, it did! Even though there was a short moment where the show could have been ruined… During “Malin”, some drunk guys in front of the stage started beating one another up – but fortunately, the people around managed to separate them. Hans then asked them to stop it because it really disturbs the concert, and Terje added that yes, please, those who really need to beat one another up should do it outside, okay? And fortunately, they got along well afterwards. =:-)

Towards the end of the show, some guys started singing Turbonegro’s “I got erection”. Terje explained that this was just because of Børge – and “don’t worry, we’ll make sure he meets you afterwards!”

Finally, after Tyster (this time without the final part where the audience sings), Terje announced that they would now bring the snow to Northern Norway, so that everybody would have white Christmas. ‘Cause the next song is… Snømannen Kalle! Aka Stormkast #1. *lol*

We got the same two encores as in Tromsø. I just love the part where Hans starts again with “Eg banker på din dør” in “Bak låste dører”! And “Min eliksir” is actually quite nice if you’re sitting and don’t try to dance to it. *g*

The audience was enthusiastic, and I really think Skambankt should have played another encore, but naah… that was it. The music came on – and the first song was Kaizers Orchestra’s “Enden av November”! Now… that felt strange. *lol*

But hell yeah, this was an awesome concert! Can they top that again tomorrow? I sure hope so! =:-D


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