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2007/8/3: Skambankt, Raumarock


Skambankt are playing lots of festivals this summer, and I had decided to see at least one. And as the only “convenient” festival (Øya in Oslo) was at the same time as Sziget and thus not an option, I decided to stick to just one festival. No problem, as I hate big festivals anyway, so I didn’t really have the feeling to miss anything by skipping the other festival concerts… (OK, I’m ignoring the fact here that “big festivals” refers to German festivals and that Norwegian festivals won’t count as more than tiny according to German standards, of course… *g*) So I checked the line-up of all the festivals, and when I saw that Hopalong Knut played at Raumarock, the decision was clear. (Pulpit announced the line-up way too late, so well, again no Zahl for me… *sigh*)

So I got on the plane to Molde, spent a day traveling around the area (absolutely gorgeous – if you want to read more about that and see some pictures, check out my blog in the days to come…), and then spent two days at Raumarock. In beautiful sunshine (most of the time at least) and with lots and lots of great Norwegian music!

The first band on the main stage was Hopalong Knut already. They were amazing, just as I had expected. But it was really sad they had to open the festival – there were only a few people there, and nobody really moved. Which is a total no-go for a ska band… *grr* But it got better throughout the concert. I really enjoyed the show, and I was surprised that they dared to play the ballads as well, even though it calmed down the not-so-exhilarated crowd even more. This was a perfect ska concert, and I was reminded of the musician calling them “a very experienced ska band” after only hearing the album once. He was so right… and for sure this was not the last time I’ve seen Hopalong Knut!

The next band up was 120 Days, which I found okay but fairly boring, or at least I don’t really remember anything they did. Which, by the way, is also the case for the newcomer bands on the second stage. Most of them were okay, the last was even pretty good, but they weren’t any “special” in my opinion.

Next up was deLillos’85, which was fun. No more, no less. =;-) And then it was finally time for Skambankt! I got myself a good place in the front at the side without too much trouble but a good crowd all around – which was almost perfect except for the fact that I would have liked to see it all from the back as well to judge the atmosphere. But well, you can’t have everything. =;-) And it seemed like there was quite a crowd, people were pretty loud at least!

The concert was great, but a typical festival show. Which means – way too short and more aimed at the common festival-goer than at the Skambankt-hardcore-fan. Which is another reason why I don’t like festivals, actually. =;-) But it was a great show anyway!

Here’s the setlist: Nok et offer, Me sa nei, Stormkast, Skambankt, Dynasti, Alarm, Tyster, Desertør, KKK, Skamania. They also had Revolusjonens Aggregat on the list but didn’t play it.

There was actually quite a lot of talk between the songs, which is not so typical for festivals, but it fit in really well. Don’t remember a lot though… except that Ted sucked up to the audience by proclaiming that he knows one woman in Åndalsnes, and she is very nice – “and obviously she’s not the only one!” =;-) And that he told us to “wait here!” while he went to get his toughest guitar. Hmm… where else should we go? *g* Plus, of course, mocking about big hits, “or well, maybe not soooo big” and finding someone in the audience who can actually count to four… *g*

That’s about it already, at least that’s all I jotted down. The rest was “as always” – cool music, a lot of posing on stage and energetic performances. But they went off without an encore, which was a bit sad… but well, that’s why I hate festivals. =:-( But it won’t take long until the next club tour… *g*

Last band of the day was Satyricon, described by a certain bass player as “a curiosity”, which was exactly right. *gg*

The next day started with rain and Susanne Sundfør, one of the newcomer bands whose name I don’t remember and then Heroes & Zeros which I all found pretty boring. The bands on the small stage (Eco Band, Ungdomskulen, Grand Island, and Amulet) were pretty good, but not that spectacular either. Quit Your Dayjob on the main stage were outright terrible. But then the sun came out and it got a lot better… =;-)

Bo Kaspers Orkester from Sweden were really good – very varied songs and enough people on stage so that you had something to see as well. And he made his Swedish sound so much like Norwegian that I could understand it! *g* Then another newcomer band contest winner, namely Rangers. The last band of the first day, and the very best in my opinion, and they did very well on the big stage as well. And then the highlight of the day – Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren band. I didn’t know them at all, but they caught me in the first two minutes. That was just amazing! You really wouldn’t expect that a band without a singer (!) can entertain you for more than a few songs. But actually, the hour passed way too fast. This was just great! And again, that was not the last time I’ve seen them, I guess.

Last band was Big Bang – and even though I actually bought their album and found it not bad, this was SO boring. I left after half an hour, when NOTHING happened on stage. Sorry, but this kind of concert might have been interesting 20 years ago, but not nowadays… *shiver*

Anyway, a great festival! The place was perfect, it was nice and small, not too crowded, but a good atmosphere. And all this in beautiful surroundings (which almost all bands commented on stage *g*). So thumbs up! This festival gets the concertjunkie-seal-of-approval. *gg*


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