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2007/10/18: Skambankt, Tromsø


“Will you play only in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger next time, or will there be more concerts?” – “Oh, there will be more!”

Not sure if it was actually planned at that time that the other concerts would be in Tromsø, Alta and Hammerfest… But when I heard that, it really got me laughing. My first thought was: “Now they went completely crazy!” Second thought: “I gotta go there. Can’t miss out on that!”

Said and done. I hadn’t been to Northern Norway before, so that was a great opportunity for a short trip up north. And actually, Cloroform played in Tromsø the night before Skambankt, so that fit together perfectly. Two days of vacation in Tromsø, two nights with great concerts, and lots of Norwegian conversation inbetwetween. Thanks so much to Lena and Suzanna for great company!

But now to the Skambankt concert. The place was tiny, with a slightly improvised stage crammed into one corner. And the club was completely packed! The support was… well… give them ten more years and they might become interesting. Or not. =;-)

Then the intro came on, Skambankt stormed the stage through the audience and started out with Nok et offer.
The audience needed maybe one song to warm up, but then they went crazy. Skambankt continued with Me sa nei, and we had to count up – well, Ted stopped us when we were at about 20… =;-)

Then they played Stormkast #1, Skambankt and Dynasti, and everybody in the audience was jumping around – really great atmosphere! Next up was Revolusjonens Aggregat, with the world’s easiest refrain “Kom igjen, kom igjen!”, and then it was time for Alarm. And of course someone had to count up in there. And well, how can you resist if someone just drags you up on stage even though you shake your head and yell “no! no! no!”? Right. *grr* So, this time the question was if a German could actually count up to four – well, turned out she could not, at least not at the right time, uhem… =;-)

Before playing Tyster, Mr. Winters had to tune his guitar and asked the others to take over and pass the time by talking to the audience – the result is that we now know exactly why they have a front guy who is supposed to do the talking. *g*

By then, it was already Friday (well, atually it had been Friday already when they started, but as they had decided to turn the Thursday night into a Saturday night, it was convenient to point out the Friday first *g*), and they went for a new song. Working title Løgnprofitør, and “the best song we have made for a long time!”. Yap, I really liked it!

Then the last two songs: First Desertør and then “the song we wrote when walking around town today” – Skamania. During this song, Ted went into the audience – and was lifted up and carried over the crowd. Kinda problematic if the spotlights are just over the heads of the people, but cool anyway. =;-)

They went off, but the crowd shouted for more, and of course we got more! First Panzersjokk and then we got to choose between KKK and Min eliksir. KKK won, and as they are a democratic band, they played it. And that was it! Ted plugged in one of the old guitars hanging from the ceiling, made it give some noise, and off they went.

Wohoo! That was really really great. And I want more! *g*


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