07/11/2013: Rock potatoes!

Sorry for the silly headline - inspired by this article that has some interesting information about Skambankt's upcoming plans. The new album, which has been recorded at Propeller Studios with Kåre Vestrheim as producer, will be released around the end of January. This was the first time Skambankt had a producer to help decide how the songs should sound, and this worked very well in the studio. According to the article, we can expect a more experimental guitar sound and a "wild" drummer on the record.

In February, Skambankt will start their tour through Norway and Denmark. The first few dates have already been announced, and more will follow. Skambankt mentioned already that they won't start the tour in Rogaland but want to get in form before playing there. So everyone quit whining about no concerts in Stavanger or Bryne! We'll get to know the dates soon enough, I'm sure. For all the concerts that have been announced or mentioned so far, check the tour list or the tour map.

You can still "preorder" a limited and very exclusive copy of the Voodoo vinyl single by delivering an old Guitar Hero plastic guitar to a 4Sound music shop in Norway! This is the only way to get the single, so don't wait too long! (Afaik there is no specific end date set yet for the campaign, so it might end any time.) You can find all information on gth.4sound.no.

By the way, "Voodoo" is C-listed on NRK P3 already, so you can hear it there. If you haven't been lucky yet, you can also check it out about 28 minutes into this program. The song will be released officially on November 11.

30/10/2013: Guitar voodoo!

Skambankt's new single "Voodoo" (cover) will be released on November 11! Already on November 6, Skambankt will play a release concert for the single in Oslo at the Crossroad Club. You can get tickets for the concert from Tigernet. That night, you can also taste Skambankt's own "Voodoo" beer for the first time!

If you want a vinyl copy of the single, check out the information from 4sound.no. In short, you provide an old Guitar Hero plastic guitar, which is then melted down - and you get the vinyl single made out of old plastic guitars! In addition, you get a discount if you want to buy a real guitar as well. Pretty cool idea! Anyone got a plastic guitar to spare? =;-)

02/10/2013: Født på ny!

We've been waiting patiently for almost three years now ... and slowly but surely, Skambankt are rising from their hiatus! Right after the last Kaizers Orchestra concert, they met up again to practice and finalize new songs (Jærbladet visited them in their rehearsal room). Right after that, they spent a week at Propeller Studios in Oslo to record their next album, which is planned for release early in 2014. The album will be more in the direction of the first records, and less like "Søvnløs".

The first single of the album is scheduled for November already. According to Firdaposten, the single will be called "Voodoo" and will be accompanied by its own brand of beer, brewed at Kinn Bryggeri in Florø.

Make sure to follow Skambankt on their new Instagram account, where they are documenting everything that's happening!