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2006/4/1: Get the merch!

Some updates in the FAQ: I added the info about the new album and updated the part about merchandise, as it is now possible to get Skambankt merchandise in Germany, via Lo-Fi Merchandise.

2006/3/31: New album in 2007!

Skambankt will be in the studio in May and September to record their second album. If everything works out as planned, the album will come out in January 2007. It is gonna be "different from the first album" - and everybody (including me, of course!) is really curious about what it will sound like.

2006/3/11: See you in 2007!

The tour is over, and Skambankt seem very satisfied with it, according to their website and the reviews they got, for example here. I'm too lazy to translate, but 5 points is definitely... not bad. =;-)

2006/3/11: Links and translations

I'm constantly adding some new links, especially concert reviews from the tour. If you have any that aren't listed yet, please help me and submit them!
There's a new news bit on, the translation can be found under NEWS-Official. And if you haven't read my concert report about the Oslo concert, you should do so. =;-)

2006/3/7: I Oslo liker de rock!

My report and some (bad...) photos from the concert in Oslo are online now, look at them in the LIVE-section.