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Here is a translation of official news that were published by Skambankt on, MySpace, or Facebook, as well as articles published by Norwegian and Danish media. The orginal texts have been published online. If you have an article you don't understand and want a translation up here, please give me a hint.

2007/01/28 New album, new video, new tour, and new website

That's a lot of new stuff at a time!

After a year of fiddling in the garage of Don Fist (best known as Hinna Lyd), Skambankt's second album "ELIKSIR" is out in the stores. The record already got 5 stars in Stavanger Aftenbladet and FHM. Songs like Tyster and Dynasti have been listed on P3 already, and now, the video for the latter is up on TV as well. That's almost too good to be true! But if you prefer to see things in 3D, be assured that Skambankt will turn up in some place close to where you live at some time during spring and summer.

The website underwent a big make-over, and unbelievably it was Edgar, a tank-driver from Klepp, who managed to do this in two days! Of course, and in the good spirit of Skambankt, not everything is in place yet, so we'll have to wait a bit for the guestbook. In the meantime we will buy records, vote on Svisj, go to concerts and say what we think on myspace!
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New album and new logo: Quality everywhere! (Photo: Atle Øksendal and Skambankt)

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