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2006/9/2: Jingle Bells!

According to a news bit on, the new Skambankt album will definitely be special:
Skambankt are currently preparing the recordings for their new album which will be released early next year. On Sunday afternoon, September 3rd, there will be uproar in the Rådhus tower with a self-composed carillon piece that will be used on the album. In other words, whoever should be in Oslo centrum that afternoon will get to experience something out of the usual.

2006/8/6: Gigantic update!

Well, actually, I added two links. =;-) One to the new Skambankt fan site, one two Panzer's new band Angerman.

2006/7/22: Coming home!

There will be another Skambankt concert this year after all: Skambankt will play at Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger on October 20. This is to celebrate the 19th birthday of the rock club - and who would not want to see Skambankt play in a tiny place packed with people who love that kind of music?

2006/7/10: Skambankt go Hollywood!

According to this trailer, the song Skambankt! is on the soundtrack for the Norwegian movie Uro that will be in the cinemas in Norway by end of August. OK, not quite Hollywood, but the movie was shown at the Cannes film festival already. =;-)
(Thanks to dÅktA Phil for his hint on DMA!)

2006/6/2: More beautiful than ever!

Skambankt have returned from the studio with five brandnew songs and the feeling to be just "too good" by now. Well, we certainly hope so!
The names of the new songs have been revealed on their myspace page: Dynasti, Din Nød, Eleksir, Bak Låste Dører and Malin. Some more songs will be recorded at the end of summer, and the album release is still planned for January.