2005/11/3: Translations online!

Finally: the first translations! Thanks to Eivind for great help!
The lyrics and translations for the Skamania EP will follow soon.

2005/10/27: Lyrics online!

The lyrics for the Skambankt album are online now. The translations will follow very soon, and then I'll go for the Skamania EP. By the way, if someone has the lyrics of Poltistat or could write them down, that would be great!

2005/10/22: Guestbook opened!

OK, I just put a guestbook online. I hope without too many bugs - try it out!

2005/10/22: Berlin and Switzerland!

Some more infos about the gig in Berlin: Yes, it will be open for everyone - so come and see Skambankt live, who knows when they will be back in Germany again. =;-) The concert series "Universal Open Mic" exists for about a year now, there's a concert every 2 months and always 4 "unknown" bands are invited to play in a professional environment. This may end in the band getting a record contract - or not. It's mostly a platform where the bands can present themselves.
From Nov. 10, Skambankt's first CD will be available in Switzerland! It will be distributed by Irascible.

2005/10/19: Skamania in Berlin!

It's official: Skambankt will play in Berlin, Tuesday, November 15!
The gig will take place at Frannz Club, and it's gonna be part of a "Scandinavian Night" which means Skambankt will play together with three other Scandinavian bands, Private Line from Finland, Kira And The Kindred Spirits from Denmark and CDOASS from Sweden. The whole concert is part of the "Open mic" series of the record company Universal, and it's not yet clear whether it is open to the public. I'll keep you posted.
Further infos (in German) on the site of the club or for example here.