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Well it dosn't hurt no...
I check this site quite often now. Nice things to be found here =D
2007/1/8 6:46 PM
Linn A

Well, if you say it doesn't hurt.. xD

So glad you do this good job, Susi! I check this page almost every day :]
(whoa, now decided to reveal myself! ;)
Greets to you and all the visitors here, even those who don't dare to sign the guestbook, mwahaha xD
2007/1/7 3:43 PM

So ich versuchs mal ;)
hm die rezesion liest sich ja gut, bin ja echt gespannt auf album. und ja das mit die artikel ist eine gute idee.
2007/1/6 12:01 AM


what the fuck? where am i landed?
skambankt? yea - great sound!
2006/5/22 10:41 PM

Utrolig bra greier!

M vel egentlig bare hoppe p si meg en stor fan av dere! Utrolig musikk, rett p hard rock! Elsker nr rockere leker seg litt... dette er bra gutta! :)
Hper dere kommer med noe mer!

2006/4/21 7:08 PM

Feine Sache!!

super seite - vorallem die texte haben mir extrem geholfen, so kann ich wenigstens etwas mit singen und muss nicht nur einfach irgendwelche laute von mir geben :P
ja, weiter so! ;)
2006/3/25 8:18 PM

Cool site!

Found great help in your translations....solved a lot of mysteris for me (smily!)

keep up the good work!

(I have tickets for Copenhagen in feb.) (WHEEE!!)

2006/1/16 6:42 PM

Hi Susi..!
A very nice site. Cool to see that someone got a grip of things and made an english Skambankt-site.
I really hope you will enjoy your next stay i Norway too. Take good care - maybe I'll see you on one of their gig's this year..!

Hugs from Norway..! ;-)
2006/1/16 11:22 AM

@ Martine: record shops (at least the good ones) are always willing to order things for you... when i asked for the first Skambankt cd, my local shop (in not-so-big-dutch-town Hilversum) decided to took a risk and order three at a time, and then sold them all in a month... strange but true ;)
2005/11/17 4:58 PM

Another cool website, Susi! And while your Kaizers-concert-reports make me feel like i've been to the show too, the report of the Berlin gig made me laugh out loud behind my computer (which made the other 20 people in the room look at me in a weird way, but who cares...)
2005/11/17 4:55 PM

Nice page

So, you think the concert in Oslo was only ok, eh?

Thanks for the site you've put up Susi. You're obviously much better with computers than we are! See you in Berlin.

2005/11/12 12:04 AM

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