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Here is a translation of official news that were published by Skambankt on, MySpace, or Facebook, as well as articles published by Norwegian and Danish media. The orginal texts have been published online. If you have an article you don't understand and want a translation up here, please give me a hint.

2009/01/05 Stavanger Aftenblad: Beating for Skambankt

Rabbits, carrots, boxers, priests, dirty nurses, stars, clowns, monkeys and other rarities got some beating this weekend. All in the name of art, and all for Skambankt's new video.

- Nobody earns a cent with this. Far from it. But it is lots of fun, and the result will be good, director Stian Kristiansen says.

Kristiansen created a furor with "Mannen som elsket Yngve", and the first thing he does after this big success is to work for free for Skambankt. He, and a bunch of others.

We have just witnessed some dressed up voluntary actors go at each other in a gigantic mass brawl in the dancing hall at Hermetikkfagskolen. Stian Kristiansen is the director of the video, daddy baked the buns, the girl-friend baked the cakes and people sweated in voluntary work while Skambankt filmed a music video this weekend. Everything at Kristiansen's command and everything so that the Skambankt song "O Dessverre" will get a good video.

- We got the easy part of the job, and the one without so much sweating, Skambankt singer Terje Winterstø Røthing says, wearing a striking suit and a possibly even more striking beard.

The good and the bad

About 50 background actors were gathered to represent pupils at a costume ball. Roughly said, the idea is: Skambankt are hired to play at a costume party. "The good" pupils are having a decent party with buns and soft drinks when "the bad" arrive. What follows is brawl, trouble, and unconventional use of cakes.

- Up to now I've contributed to one music video, but this is the first where I am the one in control. It is different from making a movie. There's no need to care so much about logic, place, and time. We can play around more and think most about the visual only. At the same time, everything must be in sync with what the band is playing. And this needs a lot of planning ahead. I don't like so much planning beforehand, Kristiansen says.

-Additionally, I get to work with a completely new production company in Stavanger - Motlys. I like that, Kristiansen says.


In addition to a bunch of actors, also make-up people, costume designers and so on sacrificed their weekend to work ten-hour-days - voluntarily, for Skambankt.

- Something like this humbles you a bit, Skambankt singer Terje Winterstø Røthing says and makes a symbolic bow to a sweaty rabbit that passes by.

After the tussle in the dancing hall, there's a bloody nose, someone is trying to pull up the pantyhose beneath the rabbit costume, some beards need to be fixed and the boxer wants to have a bigger black eye. A rabbit dries its sweat for the umpteenth time in the last half hour.

- This video must turn out good. I sweated out at least one kilo only in the last take.